Today in memorable opening paragraphs

My father had a face that could stop a clock. I don’t mean he was ugly or anything; it was a phrase the ChronoGuard used to describe someone who had the power to reduce time to an ultraslow trickle.

– The Eyre Affair, Jasper Fforde.

Naturally I am in love with this novel. It only took me two sentences. I love it when an author can do that. I also mistrust it because how can Fforde keep this up? Don’t let me down, dude. I’m a hard marker.

Do you have any lines that stick with you? I keep coming back to Margaret Atwood’s “I long to commit the sin of touch” from Handmaid’s Tale. And an old favourite: “today the sky was bruisy like a dropped baby” from There is no Year. Blake Butler you bad, bad man.

Oh yes. Hi. I’m still alive.

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