And that’s why I’m not in politics

blackbookswineI’ve been thinking about this a lot today. NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell resigned after realising a bottle of 1959 Grange he had denied receiving as a gift had actually been presented to him as a gift. He was so touched by it he wrote a thank you note, naming said gift, signed it and promptly forgot all about it.

There is plenty to ponder here.

First and foremost being polite clearly has its drawbacks.

Secondly it’s my considered opinion that I would much rather receive 60 $50 bottles of wine than one valued at $3000. In case anyone felt strongly that that they’d like to give me a nice gift with no expectations attached. It’s important to get these things out there, I feel. It helps get a measure of a person. It would also save time going back to the shop.

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