Today in memorable opening paragraphs

I found the eyeball fifteen minutes before I found the rest of him. I stood there in shock for a while, wondering which poor soul had lost it, then I smirked, thinking they’d have quite a bit of trouble finding it again.

– Kimberly’s Capital Punishment, Richard Milward.

I do not like this novel. I’ve had it on my shelf for about two years and every time I pick it up I read a page or two, become irritated with its sociopath main character and the dry prose, and put it back down. Right now I am on page 77, the furthest I’ve ever pushed through, and I’m this close to putting the damn thing in the bin for good. How far should I persevere on this?

Update: I looked it up on Goodreads, which I usually try not to do while reading a novel, and advice was keep going to the middle where it takes a turn for the more interesting. It did contain the subsequent comment “But once you hit it and start to feel the novelty value wearing off, then by all means drop it. You won’t miss out on much.” Good grief.

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