In other news “dinorotica” is a thing

dinosaur museumOkay, look. Dinosaur erotica exists. This is such an astounding revelation I felt it deserved its own post. And some incredulous googling.

I’m not making it up, this is a thing. Just in case the controlling alpha males in your standard erotica were a bit on the tame side, now you can enjoy erotica featuring actual giant lizards. Christie Sims is making her impact felt on the literary world with titles like Taken at the Dinosaur Museum, T-Rex Troubles and Ravished by the Triceratops.

I haven’t read any dinorotica myself, so I can’t really comment on the relative merits of Sims’ work. But there are 22 five star reviews for Taken by the T Rex on Amazon. I think some of them might be serious but it’s hard to tell.


Click to embiggen.

If you’re interested you can buy this valued addition to the collected literary works of the human race here for just $2.97.

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