My book ran out of batteries and other ereader problems

I have a post planned on ethical book consuming, how readers can support authors and all kinds of high falutin’ matters but it remains in drafts in case I magically discover The Answer that has eluded everyone else in the world. You never know, it could happen. So instead here’s a list post about surprising e-reader problems. Just in case you’ve not read enough of those in the last ten years.

ereder1. There’s no pages.

Well, duh. I’m not one of those who bangs on about the smell of a book. I don’t read a book for its aroma, to be honest. But for some reason I keep finding myself surprised when an ebook ends. Because there’s no physical indication that the end is nigh, they seem to end all of a sudden. I suppose it’s a test of the pacing of the novel, the arc of the narrative, that it can creep up on you unannounced. When The Girl With All The Gifts ended I had no idea I was reading the last page until I finished it. It made the ending that much more satisfying.

2. I can no longer lend you a book.

I now have to buy great books twice because after I’ve finished a book I immediately realise that my partner or friend or mother would just love it and that they must read it. But I can’t lend it to them because you will have to pry my Kindle from my cold, dead hands before I let it out of my sight. I suppose this means the industry wins but it also means I’m doing a lot of double handling and possibly will starve to death. At which time you may have my Kindle, I guess.

3. There are too many books.

I have this problem with paper books too but now that I can physically carry a book store with me everywhere it has morphed from character quirk to serious substance abuse problem. I need to discover and actually use the wishlist function rather than buying every goddamn thing. And once I’ve bought a bajillion novels I get tempted to swap books halfway through. This is cheating and also makes the To Read list on this blog laughably irrelevant.

4. Not available in your region.

Not as big a problem as it used to be, this one still evokes a big ol’ WTF. I don’t get it.

I love my ereader. It actually hasn’t run out of batteries midbook since I’ve owned it. But people seem surprisingly opinionated about ebooks. So go ahead. Have a rant.

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