Lost & found

A few scheduled and less than stellar posts have gone out here over the last few weeks. Work has been done, both paid and unpaid. But there’s been no real direction from behind the curtain. This is because, simply put, I was lost.

I kept telling myself it wouldn’t last long. Then other people started telling me too. It was nearly the weekend, or there was only two weeks to go, or days, or things would be better soon. But I couldn’t see it. Of course, on a purely intellectual level I knew that the Earth would continue to orbit the sun, it would continue to rotate on its axis; day would become night, would become day, would become night again and as such what we understand as the passage of time would continue into the future. But I wasn’t part of it. I had become unstuck to the world and, floating adrift, I was lost.

I am still lost. I don’t know how to get unlost but I have a few landmarks, which is a good start.

Turns out I’m pretty high functioning when lost. Imagine what I’ll be capable of when I’m found.

Expect your usual semi-regular programming to resume shortly.

About Rachel Watts

I am a writer from Perth, Western Australia. My speculative fiction novella Survival will be released in early 2018. View all posts by Rachel Watts

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