foundlostandfoundI have Brooke Davis’ Lost and Found in my Kindle (yes, another in the ever growing to read list) but I’m yet to get to it. I’m a bit wary of the novels that are So Hot Right Now, mostly because they’re getting plenty of attention already, with a side serving of “maybe I’ll be disappointed”. But this is cute and I can’t help but share it.

Lost and Found‘s publisher Hachette Australia is promoting the book by “losing” a number of copies around the country. Readers who find a copy are encouraged to instagram their find with the hashtag #FoundLostandFound. And then “lose” it again in a public place to pass it along.

Incidentally, have you noticed how snippy Amazon is with Hachette in the Kindle Store? This is primarily why I bought the book, because I’m contrary that way, so yeah, great work accomplishing…whatever you’re trying to accomplish book moguls.

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