Get caught reading

Turns out today is Indigenous Literacy Day. Indigenous Literacy Day aims to raise funds to put books and literacy resources into the hands of school students, mothers, babies and toddlers in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.

Indigenous Literacy Day included a celebration at Sydney Opera House, featuring a Great Book Swap with students and guests being invited to bring and swap a much-loved book. I found this at the Indigenous Literacy Foundation website:

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation’s Executive Director Karen Williams said that she hopes the day will raise over $100,000 to support its projects which include a free book supply program, community publishing (where possible in first language), the Book Buzz early literacy project, as well as field trips to remote schools with authors, musicians and illustrators.

Don’t fret though, you can get involved where-ever you are. Take part in, or organise, a Great Book Swap by swapping a much loved book with friends in exchange for a donation to the Foundation. Or, even easier, just join the Get Caught Reading campaign. Make a donation, upload a pic of yourself and why you like to read. Simple. And you don’t even have to do it today, do it any time at all. I did. Why don’t you?

I read to: relax, learn, believe.

I read to: relax, learn, believe.

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