Today in memorable opening paragraphs

Millie’s dog, Rambo, was her Very First Dead Thing. She found him by the side of the road on a morning when the sky seemed to be falling, fog circling his broken shape like a ghost. His jaw and eyes were wide open, as if mid-bark. His left hind leg pointed in a direction it normally didn’t. The fog lifted around them, the clouds gathered in the sky, and she wondered if he was turning into rain.

It was only when she dragged Rambo up to the house in her schoolbag that her mother thought to tell her how the world worked.

He’s gone to a better place, her mother shouted at her while vacuuming the lounge room.

Lost & Found, Brooke Davis

The reason I do this (increasingly ludicrously titled) opening paragraph series is because I love the sense of the dawn of  a new adventure you get from the start of a novel. That feeling of dipping your toe into a brand new world of the author’s invention. Who knows where we’ll go? A memorable opening paragraph has to make me stop and think, for a split second, and need to know more. Where are you going with this? Can I come?

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I am a writer from Perth, Western Australia. My speculative fiction novella Survival will be released in early 2018. View all posts by Rachel Watts

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