Everyone Dies at the End by Riley Westbook

everyonediesattheendThe zombie apocalypse is upon us. Created by a heroin addict supplementing his girlfriend’s hit with mold spores, the resulting undead are lurching creatures spewing black vomit. We follow the junkie and a group of friends and family as their survivalist instincts are put to the test.

This is a fun little story. There are elements that show a lack of polish, dialogue seems stiff for one. I found it difficult to buy the amount of pot smoking going on and the fact that one of the characters is fat is referred to so many times that it became irritating, but all that stopped bothering me as the story drove through to its conclusion. The pace is fast, perhaps too fast, and there’s a twist at the end that I don’t think any other novel would get away with. Somehow this one does. A satisfying one hour read.

I should mention that I received a free advance copy of this that contained some formatting errors, I am assured they will be ironed out by the time it goes on sale. Due out next May.

Everyone Dies At The End, Riley Westbook: three stars.

Read it for: a bit of fun during your commute.

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