Messed it up but rest assured no-one ever thinks they’re cured


There’s a line in a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, “just a minute while I reinvent myself”. I don’t know what Anthony Kiedis is singing about there but the line stops me every time. The past six months have been a period of reinvention and part of that has been learning a whole lot of new things. Some things I’ve learnt this year include:

  1. Riding a bike isn’t actually like riding a bike. I just got the gear changes right before my fancy new toy was stolen.
  2. Proofreading is hugely important. Don’t be an idiot, proofread your stuff.
  3. Risk taking helps you grow. And I’ve only just realised there’s no rules on what you do in life. I know I’m hugely privileged in that I’m able to take this risk, try on a new career for size, invest in a new way of living. Part of me still doesn’t quite believe that I’m allowed to do this.
  4. The jasmine scent in my garden seems to have a direct line to my heart. It tells me everything’s going to be okay, it tells me to take my time.
  5. Writing requires time spent alone, with nothing but the sound of birds and distant traffic around you. And it requires time spent in company, out of your element, doing new things and finding new sensations. Writers are travelers in the land of experience. But it’s not just writing. It’s about being fully human, not just going to work and coming home and the churn of routine.
  6. The power of belief. Faith that there is a point to all of this, that it will work out. It’s hard sometimes but sunny days and quiet times make all the difference.

About Rachel Watts

I am a writer from Perth, Western Australia. My speculative fiction novella Survival will be released in early 2018. View all posts by Rachel Watts

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