A comma splice sounds like a delicious dessert

writing remindersBut it isn’t.

I’ve started leaving myself little bullying notes about grammar. It seems I have developed bad habits with our friend the comma. This is in addition to my existing bad habits with switching tenses and being too brief with the proofreading. Eventually I’ll just be a walking bad habit.

The thing is, I feel I’ve learnt a lot of grammar as I go, rather than ever having foundational knowledge. Perhaps I skipped that day at school. I distinctly remember learning spelling, but commas? It’s like the dark secret of the writing world.

All of that aside, this is why, in my opinion, paying a professional to edit your work is worthwhile. I am helping promote International Book Promotions editing service. It’s specifically designed for indie authors and is actually quite affordable. They also offer ebook formatting.

Here’s the deal, I’m doing this on a commission basis. This may work out badly for me, or not. Contact me if you’d like a price list and more information about the service. I don’t bite. Email leatherboundpounds [at] gmail [dot] com.

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3 responses to “A comma splice sounds like a delicious dessert

  • ambfoxx

    I was lucky to go to a school where many of my classmates were learning English as a second language and grammar was taught thoroughly to make sure they grasped it. Commas were not. I’ve been studying them.
    And noticing how some authors can break the rules and do it well. Tony Hillerman used comma splices on purpose. It works–part of his style. I realized that I’d picked up the habit from reading him, but it didn’t work so well when I did it.


  • rnmckinnon

    Can you post a bigger picture? I can’t read what you wrote! o.o

    I agree that a professional editing service is invaluable. Even for someone like me who (whom???) feels I know quite a bit about grammar, because I look up everything I’m confused on instead of just assuming it’s a certain way.


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