Merry Christmas and Happy Reading

christmas-booksI have, for a long time, done everything I can to give books as gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Yes this has bordered on the ridiculous, particularly when giving books to children as yet unable to read. But I firmly believe it is one of the ways to support not only authors and publishers, but also a literate and artistic community. Books are one of my favourite things to give because of the possibilities they hold – the chance that they could spark inspiration in the heart of a loved one. And they are one of my favourite things to receive for the same reason.

So, this seems like as good an opportunity as any to recommend you consider giving books or magazines to people who may be facing tough times this Christmas. Organizations like the Footpath Library will no doubt take your pre-loved items off your hands and deliver them into the hands of folks sleeping rough. It might seem low on the list of things that people need at this time of year, but think about the joy you get from reading and consider sharing it, however you can.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas with your family tomorrow. Relax, be merry and share the good times with the people around you.

About Rachel Watts

I am a writer from Perth, Western Australia. My speculative fiction novella Survival will be released in early 2018. View all posts by Rachel Watts

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