Support literacy

Literacy is important. Reading has been proven to be more relaxing than going for a walk or having a cup of tea, makes you more empathetic, develops your vocabulary and increases your life skills. You learn and grow from the experience of the events and characters you read about regardless of whether they are experiences you have actually lived.

I’ve been doing some research on ways to support literacy through donations of books, time and money. The below is a short list but please do some googling for options in your area.

The Footpath Library

The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

Zonta House Women’s Refuge

Embrace Education

Smith Family Toy and Book Appeal

Polly Farmer Foundation

Op shops will always take used books (make sure they’re in good condition and are not missing any pages!) or take a look at GiveIt which will connect you to someone who can use them.

If you know of some charitable or literacy causes that should be added to this list please feel free to contact me at leatherboundpounds AT gmail DOT com.

2 responses to “Support literacy

  • arabellabramble

    I just stumbled across your blog and saw this page, excellent idea. Just wanted to suggest another charity; Buk bilong Pikinini a charity that gives books and helps start up children’s community libraries in PNG. I only recently came across it after a PNG student at the school where I work told me about how she takes picture books home to assist with literacy where she comes from. I offered to do some research and see what extra assistance I could find for her. I should mention she goes to school here in Australia but comes from the Highlands of PNG.


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