Review policy

I am absolutely committed to reading, to authors and to great writing. It wouldn’t do anyone any favours to deliver inflated or overly generous reviews. It’s just plain dishonest. But I don’t want to crush souls or stifle dreams. Hence, all the reviews I write are honest but I will also endeavour to be kind. I may not like your book. That doesn’t mean others won’t love it and buy a million copies of it. It’s going to be okay.

I read a wide variety of genres and every now and again I will go on a binge from one or another. I don’t want my reviews to start getting all samesy though, so I do try to break habits and explore less familiar territory from time to time. I like to support first authors and small press where I can.

My favourite genres: I’m a sucker for a well written dystopia, LGBT lit, speculative fiction and historical fiction. I read poetry and I love a good ghost story. If you can recommend me a book that combines all of these it will likely be bumped right to the top of the ever daunting To-Read list.

I am totally not interested in: children’s books, spiritual or any other religion, philosophy, young adult, romance. If you tell me I should read a book featuring a vampire I will point you in the direction of my teenage Anne Rice obsession and if you recommend a story about a vampire/human romance I will probably laugh at you. With kindness. If possible.

A word on the To Read List: It’s honestly a bit laughable. I will never read half of these books, but I do like to keep a set of directions on where I’m planning to go; a reminder so I don’t lose myself in bookstores. Much. I change my mind all the time and sometimes I look at what’s next on the list and I just don’t have the strength for it. This is a hobby after all. Don’t feel bad if that’s your book, we all still love you.

Review time frame: you should contact me at least three months before you want to see a review published. I have a long list and, you know, a life, so it can take me a while to get to each review.

Just for the lols: here is the most important Buzzfeed quiz ever made. Is it going to be okay? 

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