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Today in memorable opening paragraphs

Global Warming Concept Image

“What’s the forecast?”

I heard this question a lot when I first started at The Weather Channel in 2003. People figures that if I worked at a 24-7 weather network, I must be a meteorologist. That was fine by me, I’ve always been a closet weather geek, and besides, who doesn’t secretly want to be a meteorologist? There is something so appealing about going to work every day and predicting the future without the use of tarot cards or constellations.

I’m not sure how many people secretly want to be climatologists, but that’s what I really am. And for anyone wondering what a climatologist is, here’s a rough answer: Climatologists pick up where meteorologists leave off. We focus on weather timescales beyond the memory of the atmosphere, which is only about one week. And I guess you could say we also focus on timescales beyond human memory, which is shorter than you might think.

The Weather of the Future: Heat Waves, Extreme Storms, and Other Scenes from a Climate-Changed Planet, Heidi Cullen

A rare non-fiction post. And yes, I know this is two paragraphs. I cheated.

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