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Fremantle’s New Edition reopens

thegoldenageIt’s National Bookshop Day and how better to celebrate than with some good news! New Edition Bookshop has reopened at 41 High St, on the corner of High and Henry Streets.

I love the convenience of my Kindle but there’s something good for the soul about being able to pop down to your local independent bookshop and pick up something new, challenging or inspiring. A good bookshop has a good selection, a great vibe and a comfy chair or two. Great bookshops are able to read the needs of their customers as readily as a paperback.

New Edition had a bit of a wobbly time for a while there but it’s now owned by Alan Sheardown, owner of Crow Books in East Vic Park. I interviewed Sheardown a while back and if memory serves he opened Crow after spending some time at Planet Books. He knows his way around.

To celebrate its reopening the New Edition is hosting the launch of The Golden Age by Australian author Joan London on August 12. RSVP at fremantle@newedition.com.au

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